Chris Baily
Medium: Painting and Video

Studio Location:
Saint Johns Place, Garden
Studio # 200



Artist Bio:
Chris Baily is a painter and experience designer who focuses on creating transformative digital and physical experiences. He creates mixed media moving paintings using digital projectors to combine traditional two-dimensional art with video collages.

After focusing on video projection and painting at Cornell University, Chris began a career architecting web applications and digital products. He has worked as a Visual Designer, Interaction Designer, and Front End Developer.

In early 2013, he returned to visual art, and he was able to draw on his experience in UX and front-end development to solve many of the technical hurdles he'd encountered a decade earlier. With advances in projection technology and his own video positioning software, Chris has honed his process for permanent display.

Chris received a BFA in Painting from Cornell University and was recognized with a YoungArts award, a Presidential Scholar award, a Maryland Distinguished Scholar award and the David R. Beane award for Fine Arts.

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