Jeffrey Albert
Medium: Mixed Media

Studio Location:
318 12th St
Studio # Upstairs

Phone: (718)768-8786


Artist Bio:
Born in Milledgeville, GA in 1947 I grew up in a NJ suburb from age 8 on and had a misspent youth in NY art museums. I graduated from Washington University in St Louis with a history degree. I'm an autodidact painter with a 40 years plus practice.

Artist Statement:
I started out working on paper, first in pen and ink, then gouache, then acrylic. I then began making collages that incorporated painted bits. I then started making acrylic paintings on canvas, but then at some point I went back, in a sense, to the collages because I began to incorporate sewn on found objects. From the beginning my work has been improvisational, I never begin with an idea of what the painting will be. The degree of abstraction is variable.

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