Andrew Klug
Medium: Photography and Mixed Media

Studio Location:
126 10th Street
Studio # 208

Phone: 917.362.0770



Artist Bio:
A former corporate lawyer, investment banker and Columbia MBA, Andrew S Klug (hereinafter "ASK") has meandered through many walks of life in search of career fulfillment. In 2015 ASK moved back to New York from LA to work as a freelance producer (project manager) in commercial fashion photography, while pursuing his artistic oeuvre on his own time. By keeping his creative side separate from his professional life, ASK discovered the freedom to pursue his creative side as a true artist, as opposed to a professional creative.

ASK's first step into the art world was as a dealer, co-founding a gallery in Chelsea, specialized in Brazilian fine art photography (1500 Gallery >> Among other fruits of that experience, ASK gained intimate knowledge of the making of high quality digital photographic prints at the labs of Laumont Photographics in Midtown and LIC.

Next, ASK moved to LA to work on launching a technology startup for streaming curated narratives of visual imagery to Smart TV. While the latter venture ended up dissolved, ASK applied knowledge and insights gained from the experience in preparing chapters on the online art space for Dr. Clare McAndrew's annual TEFAF Art Market Report in 2015 and 2016.

ASK's own creative oeuvre was rekindled in summer 2013 when he took a summer-long intensive introduction to architecture at Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture (GSAPP). His first important takeaway from that program was rediscovery of his own creative side. However, he also discovered that his creative side could not suffer being subjected to any form of external constraint, such as client and/or project mandates, hence the realization that the practice of architecture would be an unsuitable career path after all. The second important takeaway from the architecture course was a creative approach that encourages exploration... if you have an idea "try it first, ask questions later." Too much thought beforehand can actually constrain the creative process by narrowing the outcomes, as opposed to a more spontaneous creative exploration that can lead to unexpected discoveries.

Having long dabbled in photography, the architecture course incited ASK to expand his horizons into the realm of digital drawing and digital manipulation of photography. Upon teaching himself the basics of Adobe Illustrator, ASK had the realization that as a child he had been very much into drawing, but ended up abandoning such pursuits dissatisfied with his relative lack of ability to execute his ideas with sufficient precision. Some three decades later, he discovered in Illustrator a tool that allows him to draw with the precision he had so longed for in his childhood, and his creative engines were finally rekindled.

Not long after returning to NYC, ASK met his now wife Teresa and through her he discovered not only the Gowanus neighborhood they now call home, but also she introduced him to painting, an activity they most often engage in together on the rooftop of their studio at 126 10th Street. ASK has now incorporated painting into his creative process alongside photography and digital drawing, often integrating all three in the creation of abstract images. Most often, the painting aspects are performed by ASK and Teresa together and the joint creative output is then further manipulated with photography and digital tools.

Artist Statement:
Having taught himself about photography and contemporary art during his years as a gallerist dealer, ASK is most attracted to abstract imagery. He was greatly influenced by Lyle Rexer's book "The rise of Abstraction in Photography." His main artistic influences would be minimalist and conceptual artists, most notably Donald Judd and Sol LeWitt, as well as abstract photographers, such as Barbara Kasten.

Recurring themes throughout ASK's oeuvre include >> gradients, patterns, textures, dreamscapes, the notion of "order within chaos" as manifested through seriality and variations within repetition, and the color lavender.

ASK's main body of work consists of digital images created through a process that incorporates multiple media including painting and drawing. These digital images are manifested as a) editioned digital prints of three sizes, and b) purely digital editions intended for viewing on high resolution digital monitors, thereby avoiding the limitations not only in the making and mounting of prints, but also lighting and conservation issues. Digital editions viewed on a digital screen are self-lit and can be sharper than a 300 dpi print. Digital editions do not decay with age, and can be optimized for viewing media not yet even invented, such as the eventual projection of images directly into the cerebral cortex without the intermediaries of screens and eyeballs. As the most pure and incorruptible form of the image, digital editions are the form most consistent with ASK's artistic intention.

Accessory to these digital works are physical "relics" often consisting of paintings on canvas. These physical paintings are produced as a labor of love by ASK together with his wife Teresa, often Teresa's hand applying the paint while ASK photographs the colors and textures for further manipulation in the digital realm.

What connects all these works are the paramount importance of the image itself, regardless of the means to have achieved it. The images are mostly abstract, with an emphasis on color gradients and textures, for the most part muted and minimalist within a specific color language of lavender and grey and shades in between, punctuated by crystals of divine rainbow colors such as those emanating from the inner depths of our visual cortex during a moment of enlightenment.

All images and text copyright Andrew Klug