Ingrid Butterer
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
78 Carroll Street #3 Brooklyn NY 11231
Studio # #3

Phone: 347-415-6827


Artist Bio:
Ingrid is an art teacher and an artist. She teaches at Teachers College, Columbia University, Brooklyn College, City University of New York and Fiorello H. Laguardia High School for Music Art and the Performing Arts. Ingrid received her B.F.A. from the University of Michigan School of Art, where she majored in painting and ceramics. She received her Masters in Art and Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Originally from Michigan, Ingrid moved to Japan in the mid- 1990's to pursue her interest in ceramics and began exhibiting her work there before returning to the United States and moving to New York City. Since the late 1990's she has been exhibiting ceramic and painting work in New York City and Brooklyn. Recently, she has put aside her doctoral studies in the artistic development of adolescence to focus exclusively on art making. Ingrid has been living in the Carroll Gardens/Red Hook area for the last twenty-five years where she paints and raises her children.

Artist Statement:
I come from a family of people who make things, several of them artists and from a tradition that values artists. Consequently, I have been making things and thinking of myself as an artist all my life. When I paint I am not thinking about making art or being an artist. I am more of a spelunker, holding up a lantern in a cave, noticing what is on the cave walls and making a record of it. I am curious about inner life, so I throw light on mine in order to get a good look at the place. The process itself is visceral and layered. I come back to the same surface over and over again. Each action with the material eventually develops into part of that cave wall.

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