LJ Lindhurst
Medium: Painting and Painting

Studio Location:
Studio # ground floor

Phone: 3474100995

Email: lj@ljlindhurst.com

Website:: http://www.ljlindhurst.com

Artist Bio:
LJ Lindhurst is a self-taught contemporary realist artist, producing medium- to large-scale paintings of imagery from our daily lives and mass culture that communicate a sense of isolation, alienation, comedy, threat, and modern decay.

LJ Lindhurst lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Artist Statement:
'm a self-taught realist painter. I work from photographs of subjects that I find visually appealing--most of these are original, but many are bits and pieces culled from television, advertising, or the internet. Toys, trash, candy, and the detritus of our culture are all things that interest me.

I like to explore the colors and textures of objects at a macro level. My paintings typically feature close-up views of tiny objects. I find that when isolated and magnified, small details from these otherwise insignificant objects reveal more than just their hidden beauty; the mere act of enlarging these items to thousands of times their natural size and rendering the detail in paint creates a sense of comedy. I like to think that my work makes people laugh, or at the very least it makes them more aware that there are entire worlds of beauty in even the tiniest object in their landscape.

All images and text copyright LJ Lindhurst