Mary Chrislyn Durham
Medium: Ceramics/Pottery

Studio Location:
183 Lorraine Street
Studio # 3506



Artist Bio:
Hello! My name is Mary Chrislyn Durham and I am the founder and artist at the helm of Chrislyn Clay, which has been a dream come true.

Creating with my hands is something I have always felt natural doing; it was in college where my affinity for clay became my medium of focus as my major. Entering the world of ceramics felt like opening the door to the way I wanted to feel and interact with the world around me. After careful planning and and eagerness to do something new, I realized I was ready to launch a full-time ceramics business.

Functional and beautiful pottery is the foundation and axis of Chrislyn Clay. At Chrislyn Clay, we focus on what we call "table arts", which is essentially tableware that is well-made and so nice to look at and hold which unites the significance of art with the realities of a steady pace in the kitchen. Many of us eat three meals a day with a faithful coffee in the mornings, and host a dinner on the occasion. Whether you are feeding a family of five, love planning dinner parties every week, or enjoy your solo cup of joe or soup in solitude, I want to elevate the your daily experience of cooking, eating, and sharing meals on wares that add quality to your life. It is in these seemingly ordinary, but special encounters that we experience life, and life deserves beauty and intention.

Artist Statement:
Chrislyn Clay is on a journey to redefine how we use and enjoy ceramics. We have an affinity for the process and artistry of making pottery, and we also believe that the objects we interact with daily should be well-made, timeless, functional and beautiful. All of the pieces you find here are handmade with careful attention and affection. We see tableware as an opportunity for art to be a constant and accessible interaction, which is why we call it table arts.

We offer you pottery that adds to the quality of your life, and we are delighted to share Chrislyn Clay Table Arts with you.

All images and text copyright Mary Chrislyn Durham