Robert Arnow
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 4th floor, room 3

Phone: 415-596-5808



Artist Bio:
Rob Arnow is a Brooklyn native who's made a career of merging his passion for art with his interest in political change. His current series of oil paintings, Reclaim, takes a look at the damage humanity is doing to it's environment, while tempting us with images of the aesthetically pleasing aftermath. Normally, apocalyptic art is dark and foreboding, but with Rob's approach, the demise of humanity is presented as a utopia for animals and nature.

Rob spent most of his childhood in Flatbush and some in Park Slope, where graffiti had a profound impact on him. The intense color and movement presented a striking contrast with the surrounding environment and ultimately inspired him to study illustration at Parsons. After graduating, a stint in California embedded in him a deep sense of appreciation of the natural world.

In addition to Rob's painting, he also owns a small design and illustration firm called Incitement that's focused on social and political change.

All images and text copyright Robert Arnow