Olivia Marie Suffern
Medium: Jewelry and Sculpture

Studio Location:
93 19th Street, 4th Floor
Studio # #2

Email: info@oliviamarie.com

Website:: https://www.oliviamarie.com/

Artist Bio:
Olivia Marie Suffern is equal parts artist, designer, and craftswoman. Fascinated with all things miniature since she was miniature herself, she spent her childhood collecting figurines and building "fairy homes" out of twigs and flower petals in her back yard. These early creative endeavors fueled her predilection for intricacy and logically progressed into a passion for the process and scale of jewelry making. She discovered the art of metalsmithing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where she received her B.F.A. in 2014.

Awash in ambition to pursue her calling, Olivia relocated to her native city of Cincinnati, OH to set up her studio in the only place she could afford; her parents' garage. Making the most of her humble atelier, she launched her line and began exhibiting in boutiques and gallery shows. In 2016, her technical prowess blossomed under the guidance of world renowned instructor Blaine Lewis at New Approach School for Jewelers in Franklin, TN. She spent a subsequent year working for a family owned jewelry store in upstate New York and currently resides in New York City once again, where she creates wearable wonders out of her studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Artist Statement:
Olivia Marie Handcrafted Adornment radiates whimsy and enchantment just like the eclecticists, romantics, and dreamers for whom it is designed. Steeped in quirkiness and nostalgia, these one-of-a-kind and limited production pieces of jewelry and objets d'art are imaginative, historically reverent, and distinctive. Olivia Marie salutes you for celebrating your individuality and hopes to adorn your odyssey through this vibrant and precious life.

All images and text copyright Olivia Marie Suffern