S.E. Benezra
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
540 President Street (Non Spaceworks)
Studio # Brooklyn Art Cluster Studio #6

Email: benezra.s.e@gmail.com

Website:: sebenezra.com

Artist Bio:
Born 1988 San Mateo, CA. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. MFA Hunter College 2017, BFA Boston University 2010.

Artist Statement:
I work with abstract forms to describe the underlying structures I sense in nature. I use painting to explore a sensation of deep space, oscillating between cosmic and microscopic scales. Through manipulations of symmetry, light, color relationships, and sensations of gravity, I create an ambiguous environment devoid of clear dimensions yet evocative of a physical realm. These paintings combine an inner abstract dimension with landscape imagery to communicate to the viewer that we are a part of what we perceive in nature.

All images and text copyright S.E. Benezra