Catherine Jones
Medium: Painting and Collage

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 27



Artist Bio:
CATHERINE SHELTON JONES was born in 1973 in Starkville, Mississippi and currently works and resides in Brooklyn, New York. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting from Birmingham-Southern College in 1996. Subsequently she studied graphic design and has worked as a graphic designer & art director for 15 years. This work in the commercial realm has influenced and informed her art practice and she is interested in the intersection of these worlds. Jones is currently in residence at Trestle Art Space.

Artist Statement:
My current body of work explores the relationship between humans and the environment. Through my art making, I am processing my concerns about the state of the earth as a result human actions. I explore these concerns through careful observation and paintings of nature in human-made contained, environments. Additionally, I use collage as a means of processing and creation. Through this work, I wish to create something enduring and cherished in an ecology that can feel transient and devalued.

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