Jamie Mirabella
Medium: Collage and Video

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 1

Phone: 917-826-5065

Email: jamie.mirabella@gmail.com

Website:: jamiemirabella.com

Artist Bio:
Jamie Mirabella received her MFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Her work has been exhibited in video festivals in the U.S. and Europe and in galleries including Artists Space and Art in General. She lives and works in Brooklyn.

Artist Statement:
My work focuses on found, photographic imagery and in particular, representations of women. I study images, looking, sorting, cutting, folding, and combining imagery in order to create new meanings. I interrupt the surface level visual messages to draw attention to photography's power to inform beliefs and influence behavior.

I am very interested in how our brains interpret the signals we receive from photographic images. Even though we know better, there's a natural tendency to accept that what we're seeing exists. By juxtaposing or combining seemingly incongruous images, distorting proportions, and stripping out context from the raw material, I'm looking to question that smooth acceptance. At the same time, I'm introducing new avenues for processing images that are so familiar we take their meanings for granted.

I am most drawn to images that appear at first glance to be unambiguous, such as iconic landscapes, extreme feminine glamor, obvious luxury. Mixing, dissecting, and repurposing the source material complicates the data. Questions of class, of labor and work, of what is natural, beautiful, precious...these are themes I return to, menacing the original messages with my own interpretations.

All images and text copyright Jamie Mirabella