Charlotte Noruzi
Medium: Painting and Fiber

Studio Location:
230 17th Street, #2
Studio # 0

Phone: 6468720498



Artist Bio:
Charlotte's work has appeared in diverse settings, from book covers to subway posters, children's books, and most recently, mobile apps. She has exhibited her work on the East and West Coasts, in Canada, and in Japan. Always experimenting with new ways of expression, Charlotte works in a variety of ways, including watercolor, gouache, collage, pen and ink, digital, and fiber, specifically weaving and sewing. Travel is a huge part of her life and where she gains her inspiration to create.

Artist Statement:
I like to think of what I do as a force moving me forward, and as a form of catharsis. The process of expressing thoughts, strifes, or joys is akin to healing, for me. I draw inspiration from my heritage, rich in the weaving and textile arts, and from world cultures. As an artist, I feel more a citizen of the world rather than from just one place and like to become part of the culture I am working from, whether Greek, or African, or Asian. I travel to widen my point of view and to bring new and unexplored ideas to my art.

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