Tzirel Kaminetzky
Medium: Painting and Photography

Studio Location:
Old American Can Factory; 232 3rd Street
Studio # A103



Artist Bio:
MFA SVA AP 2016, BFA Parsons 2004. Brooklyn born and back again.

Artist Statement:
Sensing the rupture of any recently held conception of "the present moment" under the overzealous thumb of a technologically involved life, I seek to define, shape, and question the edges of my personal experiences through relatively traditional means of art-making. I am curious how visual spaces seem to flatten; how perceptible boundaries dissolve or shift limitlessly with the impulse to capture. My most recent work occupies two physical modes: photo-based sculpture and painting.

As a former photo editor for breaking news and popular content I have edited countless photos seen by scores of people. Photography as both a medium and concept is a thread that runs through all of my work, obscured or highlighted to different degrees.

The work is ultimately a representation of time rendered palpable, collapsed spaces, compressed or multiplied moments, confined within composed boundaries, taking up space and time however porous or pixelated. A still life is a still life is a still life.

All images and text copyright Tzirel Kaminetzky