Elise DeGarmo
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 21

Phone: 2023028574

Email: elise.degarmo@gmail.com

Website:: www.elisedegarmo.com

Artist Bio:
Elise DeGarmo is a storyteller, seduced by the idea that visual art is legible to almost everyone. Raised in the south, in the state of lovers, she believes that nature is the ultimate artist. Environmental protection plays a big role in her life, as her lifestyle is driven by compassionate action towards animals and their habitat. Juxtapozed to her environmental aspirations, her work is an abstract, fractured review of consumerism. A color enthusiast she works in mainly bright colors mimicking the artificiality of the contemporary west. She realizes the time span one will give a piece is often quick, finding it hopeless yet romantic that a glance can have the ability to entice a viewer to look at a world in which she created.

Artist Statement:
I examine my existence through the lens of emotional color associations. Assigning each chapter of my life with a singular overarching color.
Color is a useful tool in creating a desired atmosphere--I use it as a mechanism for invoking drama in my series. The pieces are personal, focusing on my experience as a white, Generation Z female from the south. I play between the twisted and darkness, alongside femininity, romance, and innocence. As a child of Generation Z, I struggled to remove myself from a culture of overwhelming consumerism. This saturated, inorganic world is explored in my art as I strive to make sense of this artificial reality through kitch and contemplation. I am making this series to delve into the question of what is my place in this world, by broadly breaking down my life into sections of colors.

All images and text copyright Elise DeGarmo