Colin Strohm
Medium: Collage and Printmaking

Studio Location:
Under Minerva 656 5th Ave
Studio # 1

Phone: 7187912602



Artist Bio:
Colin Strohm studied Printmaking at Arizona State and UW-Madison. He has worked as a digital printmaker, and photo retoucher since moving to New York in 1997. He applies that experience to his artistic practice constantly. Recent work incorporates elements of many previous projects: photography, digital mediation, collage, elevating the banal, ephemeral materials and subjects.

Artist Statement:
Remember Fondly this Time of Such Abundant Waste so Magnificently Crafted

Important in this work is a fantastical, vertiginous weightlessness at the point where the subjects begin to oscillate back and forth between thing and thinglessness, flipping between the familiar and the arcane, mundane and mysterious. These objects are snapshots of the accretions around the human irritant in the oyster of the world. These objects are photo-based, manipulated digitally, printed, collaged, painted on, photographed, manipulated digitally, printed, collaged, all within a self-contained, self-regenerating studio ecosystem. They are cannibals, ouroboroses, the production of one feeding the next, the detritus of the anthropocene fueling and burying it all.

All images and text copyright Colin Strohm