Xiaolin Cheng
Medium: Sculpture

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 32

Phone: 9292644145

Email: chengmoemoe@gmail.com

Website:: xiaolin-cheng.com

Artist Bio:
Xiaolin Cheng is a Chinese artist based in Brooklyn, New York, where she graduated with an MFA from Pratt Institute. Her work is concerned with the process of refining stories and experiences, in order to analyze the observations of alternating in aesthetic taste. As she said, " I am making objects. The object is a symbol; a poetry and is a metaphor between the individual and the city. Everyone is a regular rather than a passenger in everyday life."
Moulding, and shaping. Through the techniques, the metals, textures, and shapes directly record the process of making her works. Which extends her views of labors of the Art. The feelings which can tell and cannot tell present her current doubts to record, feel and create in this world.

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