Jordan Segal
Medium: Mixed Media and Drawing

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 19

Phone: 917-572-0875



Artist Bio:
Jordan Segal is a native New Yorker. He got his BA from Bard College in 2014 in Studio Art and has returned to NYC as working artist and occasional illustrator.

Artist Statement:
At a young age, I watched my mother die of cancer, struggled with my own medical and learning challenges and grew up literally across the street from the World Trade Center. As I grew older, I realized that the experiences of trauma and loss are universal. In sharing my experiences, I felt more connected and less alone. In my art, I feel it's important to start with my own experiences in order to develop my concepts with sincerity. Paintings need to be honest. To be honest at times requires us to be confrontational, especially when dealing with subjects on the difficult sides of life.
Materials are the emotional core of the narratives. I use painterly techniques that become at once figurative and abstract. My surfaces become textural elements that harmonize with my characters inner lives. I ascribe to no rules or self-imposed constraints when working. I sand, scrape, paint with a brush, smear with a pallet knife, engrave with box cutters, create hard edges with tape, mix materials like sand and plaster, paint with computer programs and witness the effects they have. The process of layering and experimenting culminate in paintings that take on a sculptural form.

All images and text copyright Jordan Segal