Raya Dukhan
Medium: Painting and Printmaking

Studio Location:
280 Nevins Street
Studio # 3-3

Phone: 9178162729

Email: raya@panimau.com

Website:: panimau.com

Artist Bio:
Dukhan discovered art and painting early on in life. Soon after her family immigrated to Chicago from St. Petersburg, Russia via New York, she met an artist who took her under her wing and before long she was captivated by color, shape, and the evolution of a painting. Dukhan continued her art education at Columbia College in Chicago, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After graduation she moved to the Pacific Northwest where she fell in love with travel and discovering places that the Western world seemed to have forgotten. These experiences and discoveries are the main source of inspiration in her painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Turning points in Dukhan's art career were ignited by distant artist residencies, one as a teenaged recipient of a summer scholarship to Ox-bow in Saugatuck, MI and the second as an adult at El Levante in Rosario, Argentina. Each of these immersions in unfamiliar places helped Dukhan to find her artistic path and focus on her art with renewed intensity.

Dukhan plays with different mediums and textures to achieve depth and layers in her canvases and prints. Her brilliant colors and textures go beyond flat surface and allow you to dive into another dimension.

Dukhan lives, works and exhibits in New York. She continues to draw her inspiration from forgotten, faraway places.

Artist Statement:
There is something visceral about seeing layer upon layer of old paint and the process of textural decomposition. It's as if the work is alive and wants to breathe, live, and grow. My artistic process begins with a preoccupation with this organic unfolding.

When working on a canvas I don't always begin with specific subject matter; sometimes I start by manipulating the canvas with different texture-building materials to see what develops and what ideas reveal themselves in this evolution. Once the canvas begins to come to life, color starts to mingle with the shapes revealed by the manipulated surface and the story starts to unfold.

Often this process morphs as layers get added and taken away. The outcome can feel like a story that takes many turns and twists.

All images and text copyright Raya Dukhan