Joseph Bergen
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
165 7th Street
Studio # 4W



Artist Bio:
Joseph is a Native American (Navajo) visual designer and developer committed to creating beautiful, functional tools and new modes for exploring creativity through interactive media. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at BuzzFeed building infrastructure for the future of media distribution and consumption. His training at Stanford and Harvard as an engineer and Architect have deep roots in media theory and fine arts and his work reflects a blend of the practical, interactive and whimsical.

Artist Statement:
My work explores explores the cultural schizophrenia experienced as a Native American today. As a member of the Navajo Tribe who has lived in urban areas for most of my life, I continually navigate disparate worlds that are often at odds with one another. I use paint to search for the vocabulary of Indigenous identity and its personal relevance for me. Working from historical sources, appropriated imagery, and personal experience, I draw connections between the history of colonized American cultures and the present day identity crisis among Indians. Through this process I seek to reveal the complex contradictions of a self that is simultaneously fragmented and whole.

All images and text copyright Joseph Bergen