Sasha Acosta-Cohen
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # #2A3

Phone: 718-809-8450


Artist Bio:
Sasha Acosta-Cohen is a New York based artist. After obtaining a BA in painting and drawing at Earlham College (2002) and many years of self-taught work, he has been studying under local Brooklyn teacher Andrew Reiss for the last four years, with a focus on academic training.

Artist Statement:
In 2018 the lines between the boundaries of self-expression, pornography, gender, are all very blurry. I am hoping to live and create in that space. I am hoping to share my personal life and lived experiences. Strong women, trans studs, non-traditional relationships and eroticism are at the core of this body of work.

All images and text copyright Sasha Acosta-Cohen