Faye Hays
Medium: Sculpture and Printmaking

Studio Location:
166 7th St, Brooklyn NY 11215
Studio # Gowanus Studio Space

Email: fhaysart@gmail.com

Website:: fhays.com

Artist Bio:
Faye Hays is a designer, technologist and artist working within installation art, sculpture and printmaking. She's built her career on providing people with agency on and offline. Faye is a Marshall Scholar alumna with a Doctor of Design degree from Harvard University, a Master of Science in Urbanization and Development from the London School of Economics, a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from University College London and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University. She taught design, architecture, and urbanism as Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University and Teaching Fellow at Harvard, and has served in leadership roles at various tech startups. Faye is currently Head of Design at Messari, a blockchain data company. She's interested in the potential of decentralized technologies to take down the patriarchy, redefine the mechanisms of value exchange, and unlock the creative potential of people otherwise stifled by capitalist systems as they are currently designed.

Artist Statement:
My artistic practice explores themes of rhythm, residue, and the spatiality of ephemeral experience. With pieces ranging from sculptural transcriptions of music to cyanotypes of the Greek sea, I try to give form to the articulation of absence and explore the impact of geometry on memory. I'm curious how agency and identity are a complex fabric woven from one's experiences of nature, relationships, and labor.

All images and text copyright Faye Hays