Lynn Cole
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
465 Warren St.
Studio # first floor



Artist Bio:
I arrived in Brooklyn long before it was cool, to become a Pratt brat...and have lived there ever since. Multiple layers of life/art include working as a graphic designer, artist/activist, adjunct professor of design courses, wife & mother.

Following a long hiatus from art-making while raising my daughter, I am delighted to be back.

Artist Statement:
This body of small works depicts moments of looking very closely at the mundane (a string scarf, a glass of water casting a reflection), scenes from various locations while traveling, and impressions remembered (Oculus). The process of creating them is a sort of meditation, an intense focus to the exclusion of all else, with titles usually coming to mind afterwards. I work small because my space is small.

In addition, a separate body called "17" is intended as memorial for the 17 people killed in the Parkland, FL massacre. Rather than a morbid reminder of our failings as a society, they are intended to honor the memory of those lost. They are a direct outgrowth of my participation in an exhibit which advocated for gun sanity. Proceeds will go to Everytown for Gun Safety and March For Our Lives.
The pieces in this series have these elements in common: size and format; a limited color palette; a small "17" rubber stamped; and, at its center, a number. I chose the reds, blues and greens as a symbolic expression; they occupy very different parts of the color spectrum, and yet are all part of that spectrum. Working intuitively rather than focusing on the intellectual exercise of getting the typography "right", I allowed mistakes to happen and worked with them to a different end. The slowing down process that occurs when I paint allows me to feel and appreciate my own aliveness and presence, in direct contrast to those whose lives were lost.

All images and text copyright Lynn Cole