Movers, Not Shakers!, Inc.
131 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: (718) 243-0221



About the Organization:
We are Green
Our founder, Mark Ehrhardt, started Movers, Not Shakers! to change the way moving is done. We use eco-friendly methods to reduce the carbon footprint of your move. Our affordable, waste-conscious methods make moving a more positive experience for clients, citizens, and community.

What'a on view durring GOS:
"Thirty Years of Gowanus" returns to MoversNotShakers! pop up gallery on October 20 to 21, 2018, during the Gowanus Open Studios weekend.

Mark D Phillips' photographic collection documents his generational view of the Gowanus Canal from abandoned, industrial filth to the beginning of gentrification and the EPA's start to cleaning the Superfund site.

MoversNotShakers!, New York's #1 green moving company, is located next to Brooklyn's "Lavendar Lake," which the EPA calls "one of the nation's most extensively contaminated water bodies." Bringing attention to the cleanup and the possibilities of the green revolution is one of Mark Ehrhardt's missions as owner of MoversNotShakers.

"The photography that Mark has captured over the years of the Gowanus Canal and surrounding areas is captivating, filled with images that create that sense of Deja Vu of looking back to Brooklyn's past, and allows one to reflect on how much has changed here over the last 30 years. Our team is excited to create a space within our warehouse that will be a unique way to view our friend Mark's photographs in a (quickly disappearing) industrial setting," said Ehrhardt.

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