Medium: Drawing and Mixed Media

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 24

Email: mrjuliocesarcandelario@gmail.com

Website:: https://www.artsy.net/artist/julio-cesar-candelario

Artist Bio:
My name is Julio Cesar Candelario, born in New York City and residing in Brooklyn. I'm a multimedia artist that meditates on the connection of the individual in their daily commute in the NY urban environment. Black Books became the best choice for drafting at any moment the inspiration would rise.
I became inspired. Growing up in Brooklyn I always saw graffiti on the walls, but what impacted me was the books they used to practice their styles. I have a lifetime of stories in my Black Book series that show the progression of my art spirit. The books have become the journals of me being an artist as well as writing works like poetry, personal observations and the spoken word.
My works are rooted in the medium of paper with pencil and ink always taking an analytical view of the excitement of life, the agony of oppression, tragedy and the struggles for human rights. My process is to submerge myself in the action of the moment which creates a connection to the people and the landscape around me. Rollerblading, skateboarding, snowboarding, and bike riding have been a lifelong involvement that has significantly shaped the outcome of my work. I'm a self-taught draftsman who always uses technology to implement my visual vocabulary but to find the art spirit I had to deconstruct my commercial methods and focus on the question, who am I as an artist?
I engage the connection I have to paper and how much time I spend investigating the positive and negative spaces, compositions and the portrayal of motion. In my work, you notice the speed of the brush strokes on the paper forming shapes and direction. These brush strokes darken and fade out enveloping different animals and bird-like people moving in an environment that blends into them. The black lines connect as if raising each other to the finish line and physiognomic characters intertwine in time and space. I enjoy most doing personal renderings of what people believe to be their inner spirit animal.
Artist such as Umberto Boccioni who investigated movement and energy with his sculpture, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space is one of my inspirations. As well as the painting, The City Rises which envelopes such power in the midst of a revolution became signature pieces of work that motivate me to capture the energy and the representation of the movement. If you are in New York traveling by subway, you might see me on the subway working on my black book commuting into the city.

Artist Statement:
New York-born Julio Cesar Candelario is a Multimedia artist that meditates on the activation of the individual's connection in their daily commute in the NY urban environment. Julio carries a lifetime of stories thru his Black Book series. His works are rooted in the medium of paper which portrays personal renderings of people transformed into their inner spirit animal. Julio continues to evolve his visual vocabulary with oil & acrylic paintings, 3D sculptures, and video mapping.
Julio says, "I love to show the excitement of life, speed, motion, tragedy, the agony of oppression and the struggles for human rights." If you are in New York traveling by subway, you might see him working on his art commuting into the city.

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