mija Jung
Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 35

Website:: mijajung.com

Artist Bio:
Born in Korea, Mija Jung currently lives and works in New York and partially in Berlin and Seoul. Jung earned two Masters in Fine Arts in Mixed media from Rutgers University, New Jersey, and Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, and Bachelor in Fine Art in Painting from Hongik University, Seoul. Her one person exhibitions have been presented internationally and her works have been included in numerous gallery exhibitions such as Robert Miller Gallery, New York; Socrates Sculpture Park, New York; Hyundai Gallery, Seoul; Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul; Galerie Nord, Berlin; Galerie ARTQ13, Rome, to name a few. She is a recipient of the Ellis Elizabeth Scholarship in the United States, as well as MBC Grand Art Award, Seoul, Korea.

Artist Statement:
My painting is about happening now. It represents my own performance, sometimes it is relaxed and calming. The characters I depict become activists on my behalf and reflect my social concerns. The paintings are in the epic moments. Life creates art. Art imitates life. I can be in the same state of mind as the performer, actor, or baseball player. I use the actions of people that I am close to, as a way to assimilate with them and revolutionize myself. I emphasize the actions that speak to my concerns as a female. I pursue active participation. I am strong and I mature through my art practice. I hope viewers will become more active in their own lives.
I unconsciously trace performing lines. The backgrounds are not important, they are rather secondary. I paint from sculptural imagination using strong monochromatic color selection, and calligraphic brush strokes in a simple composition. Contrast occurs from soft fluidity within a strong action. I pursue balance to achieve perfection. Through the characters in my paintings, I am searching for a meaning to who I am and what is in store for the future. I admire the spiritual sublime. They are comfortable in their complexity. They are satisfied not needing material happiness. My paintings are about me, and all of us in this evolving world.

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