Tanja Konwinski
Medium: Drawing and Woodworking

Studio Location:
232 Third Street
Studio # First Floor Gallery

Email: tanjakonwinski@gmail.com

Website:: http://tanjakonwinski.com/

Artist Bio:
Tanja Konwinski (b.1988) works primarily in black ink on paper, incorporating wood and custom designed frames into her completed works. Tanja hails from Northern California, holds a degree from UCLA in Cultural Geography, is self taught in art, and has called Gowanus her studio home since 2016. She completed Meisner Acting Training at Maggie Flannigan Studio in Manhattan (2016), and has been an artist in residence at The Old American Can Factory since 2016.

Artist Statement:
Each of my drawings develops like a conversation. The only rule I follow is that I do not erase. I make a choice with a line/dot/dash/pattern, I observe what is forming, and then I make another choice. I have to live with each development; I don't plan. Each composition becomes a story of reaction and response. After nearly two decades I still find myself endlessly smitten by the stark simplicity of black ink on paper.

All images and text copyright Tanja Konwinski