Tomomi Ono
Medium: Printmaking

Studio Location:
168 7th Street (3rd Floor)
Studio # 3F


Artist Bio:
Born in Osaka, Japan. Tomomi Ono spent her formative years in Japan, Spain and the United States where she developed an original style in art of lithography characterized by extremely delicate modeling and coloring of organic motifs. At Saga Art College, she majored traditional Japanese painting, and after she moved to New York in 1993, she studied lithography at the Art Students League of NY. Since 2006, she works in her printmaking studio in Gowanus.

Artist Statement:
The foundation of Ono's art is depiction of nature. She believes the landscape and cultural background of her native country Japan, has influenced her artistic views. She attaches importance to space and simplicity, and embraces a philosophy that celebrates the boundlessness of nature over the transience of individual life. All of her images imply the presence of life, and she wants the viewer to feel part of it.
In her early works (1990s and 2000s), she created a series of "seeds" highlighting life force energy and continuation of life cycles. Ono lately focuses on the themes of "sky". The stars are depicted very subtly, so faintly that the viewer needs to look closely to find them. In reality, the stars in the day sky are not visible in the daylight. But they exist all the time.
In her decades of practice in printmaking, she developed an original style in lithography characterized by extremely delicate modeling and coloring. "The art of printmaking is a process of discovery, and a process to create layers of harmony. I keep layering colors until the image grows and fuses into my soul."

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