Open Source Gowanus
234 Butler St., Brooklyn, NY 11217



About the Organization:
At Open Source Gallery, we are always looking for ways to expand our programming and serve new communities. Open Source Gowanus is a new program located at 234 Butler Street in Gowanus that is intended to support the kind of process-based work that we exhibit at Open Source. As a newcomer to the neighborhood ourselves we want to, first and foremost, get to know the community so that we may collaborate to develop programming that addresses the interests and needs of Gowanus residents. Exhibitions and programs at this space will prioritize work by Gowanus-based artists.

Like Open Source, OS Gowanus is located in a unique, and somewhat challenging, physical venue in which to present art, yet we aim to create a space where art can thrive, springing up through the cracks and flourishing. OS Gowanus is located on the ground floor at 234 Butler St. in Gowanus, located in the historic Gowanus Station building. Currently this building is occupied by a garbage truck repair shop, a recycling center, the Open Source educational program (KoKo NYC) and Spoke the Hub. Amongst Gowanus industry, NYCHA housing complexes, artist studios and newly-built luxury condominiums, we aim to provide a space where artists can work with the community, developing art that responds to and reflects the community surrounding OS Gowanus. Our mission is to address environmental and social issues in Gowanus by working closely with arts and cultural organizations in the area and collaborating with long-time residents and newcomers alike. Creating art in a site-specific context requires artists to work with, not against, the community, architecture and elements that already exist. Our mission at OS Gowanus is to do just that: collaborate with residents of Gowanus to present community-driven art that speaks to and speaks for the community.

What'a on view durring GOS:
The history of the Gowanus district of Brooklyn, NY, is bursting with subject matter that inspires artists of all mediums. As part of her tenure at Open Source Gowanus, Artist-in-Residence Yasmeen Abdallah is curating an exhibition that honors its legacy and highlights the neighborhood during its annual Open Studios event. In acknowledging its significance, this exhibition serves as a reminder that as the area shifts and changes, its essence is not forgotten or erased altogether. Seeking to work directly with the community through various means, this group exhibition is an event considering the rich elements that make Gowanus what it is.

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