Medium: Painting and Drawing

Studio Location:
Court Tree Gallery 371 Court Street - 2nd Fl
Studio # 2nd Floor

Phone: 9172259253



Artist Bio:
SCUBA's work has captivated audiences both domestically and abroad since the collaboration began back in San Francisco in the 2007. During this period they created thousands of miniature paintings and began assembling them side-by-side, into wall installations called continents. They have worked in a variety of mediums while creating an abundance of work. All with the greatest amount of ambition from a two person collaborative team.

In 2014, their solo exhibition ICEPPOP at the Center of Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe received critical acclaim and propelled them into the forefront of the emerging New Mexico art scene. The highlight of the exhibition was a solar-powered and biodiesel-capable mobile gallery titled ICESHELF. Made from a fourteen-foot box truck, painted white with igloo accents. It's imaginative concept captivated national and international press. ICESHELF arrived in Brooklyn in 2015 during their Smile Tour, a mobile gallery tour from New Mexico to New York. It eventually landed on Brooklyn's notorious Bedford Avenue where it housed numerous SCUBA Pop Ups.

It would be too easy to classify SCUBA's work as being hip, because it is. However, it is never overtly in your face and it never begs for the viewer's attention. It has the charm of being well read and knowledgeable of all things, but never looks down upon. Often humorous in the most polite of ways. These collaborative creations are at the highest level of creativity and craftsmanship. They are both scholars and engineers in the art of making handmade conceptual artwork. They continue to create, curate and teach in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

They are currently represented by Court Tree Gallery. In which they have had two solo shows. Fast Food in 2017 and Desert Desserts in October 2018.

Artist Statement:
SCUBA is Sandra Wang and Crockett Bodelson, collaborative artists from Santa Fe, NM. The duo met in San Francisco in 2007 and started sharing their visual ideas over a collaboration of hundreds of miniature paintings. As this body of work grew into the thousands, they began assembling the paintings, side-by-side, into wall installations called continents. In current works, they continue to explore creative collaborations as a construction process that embodies individual elements within a cooperatively defined composition. In 2011, they moved to Santa Fe, NM and ran Caldera Gallery for one year. During this time, SCUBA curated nine exhibitions and hosted community events that included web-casted lectures, music performances, movie screenings, readings, a telegram service and art hunts. Since then, their collaboration has included other local collectives such as Meow Wolf and Strangers Collective. Most recently, they co-curated a group show with Strangers called Dispatch, a monumental map of the Santa Fe art world as seen by 96 artists. They re-opened Caldera Gallery in 2016. Sandra now works as a creative director at Santa Fe's infamous Meow Wolf. Crockett is a curating and working on new projects in Santa Fe.

All images and text copyright SCUBA