Medium: Installation and Drawing

Studio Location:
335 5th AV brooklyn
Studio # Linda Darling studio



Artist Bio:
Nuria Roman (Madrid, 1966). Plastic artist. she has lived and worked in Holland (1984) and the United States (Los Angeles 1994-1997). In 1997 she settled in Menorca where she developed a work that combines a wide range of expression techniques: painting, ceramics, stone, iron sculpture and artistic installations in different materials and formats.

In 1998 she ended her period in Los Angeles with an exhibition of Young Artists at the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles. USA

Since she arrival on the island, Rom??n's work explores topics such as the relationship of women with the world; the search for new solutions for the problems that plague the world; the north-south relationship; the earth as a place of welcome and as a broken space; the need to create bridges and "sew the earth".

Artist Statement:
I believe in the Power of Art as a tool to transform and communicate. Art must be something quotidian, close and popular (for the people). Art should be done just like bread is made every day. Art has the ability to open ways, unite differences and awaken the understanding.
When I have had the opportunity to intervene in the public space, I have seen how people are willing to be part of what is called art, understand it, stop by the piece of art and take the time to discover with all their senses what is the meaning.
Art must be on the public space, whether it is understood or not understood ... if it will be understood, it will disappear.

For me to create are discontinuous impulses that arise from emotions and become something that you can not avoid to do. Working has helped me to understand and analyze who I am and how I manifest myself in the world.
To work in one place or other, makes a big diference for me, the work done in Madrid, Los Angeles, Menorca, Mexico or New York have a different origin but probably the same destine. I am interested in space, vibration, light, weightlessness, connections, stones, people ... To manifest an idea, the concept must be the one that chooses how to express itself. I started in ceramics and painting, I studied interior design in order to adapt art to space, to create scenographies and I arrived later to sculpture, installation and performance.

My work has evolved and I have gone from one subject to another using different disciplines, but everything had a thread that was weaving a thought. I have repeatedly work the issue of women from a representation, which showed it as support for the world from its silent and invisible action, its connection with the earth, its capacity to create networks ... Today, I think we have to give a step more, is time to transform that silent support into a deafening noise and to assume as women a new way of doing, to end the patriarchal powers of our society, the power of greed for more power, the power to create more inequality, the power of fear, the power of injustice, the power of abuse. It is necessary a change to make the world a more just, safe and supportive place.

There are ways in the art world unexplored, we must try to open new paths.

All images and text copyright NURIA ROMAN