Nancy Nowacek
Medium: Performance and Photography

Studio Location:
540 President Street (Spaceworks Basement)
Studio # 3



Artist Bio:
Nancy Nowacek is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer, and educator. Her interests are based in urban design, language and movement. Nowacek was recently a research resident with Cape Cod National Seashore and Freshkills Park (Freshkills R/D), a fellow at Eyebeam, and has previously been supported by residencies through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Recess, Signal Fire and the Sharpe Walentas Studio Program. She has taught in Parsons MFADT, NYU's ITP, Pratt Graduate Visual Communications programs and currently teaches at the Stevens Institute of Technology. She organizes exhibitions, panels and events devoted to waterways, climate change, and bodies and technology. She has presented works in New York, Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Canada, South America and Europe.

Artist Statement:
I make task-based encounters between bodies, things, and the space around them. My work examines the relationship between late-capital post-industrial time-sense and body-sense, where physique has been eclipsed by other man-made machines as useful???or valuable???technology. Expanding beyond exercise to the grammars of functional movement, dance, and physical labor, my practice aims to challenge and reshape this contemporary body schema. I make sculpture, performance, and drawings to collapse thinking into doing, reinstating the body's relevance as functioning object, tool, channel, and ultimately site of imagination.

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