Hernease Davis
Medium: Mixed Media and Photography

Studio Location:
540 President Street (Spaceworks Basement)
Studio # 20

Email: hernease@gmail.com

Website:: www.herneasedavis.com

Artist Bio:
Hernease earned her M.F.A from the International Center of Photography - Bard College. Her current body of work uses photograms, cyanotypes, performance and craft to emphasize self-care through the artistic process. The series title is A Womb of My Own (Mistakes Were Made in Development). Work from this series was included in The Surface of Things at the Houston Center of Photography, an exhibition featuring photographers working with camera-less techniques. She has also exhibited with Rush Arts, Camera Club of Los Angeles, Foley Gallery, and was selected for Photography Now 2016 at the Center of Photography at Woodstock. Her first solo exhibition will open at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY in May, 2018. Hernease currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement:
I began my current series in order to cope with a painful familial revelation that compelled me to ask, "What if I could start all over again?". What would it be like if I could raise myself with the care I wanted and needed? In acknowledging that time travel is still yet impossible, and that physical laws do not allow one to birth oneself, I decided to get as close as I could by creating. Knowing that whatever came out of me was not going to be about beginning again, necessarily,I set out to create "whatever" in a manner that was easy and gentle.

That "whatever" consists of self-portrait photograms, crochet blankets, cyanotype pillows, audio meditations and performance. The title of this ongoing series is A Womb of My Own (Mistakes Were Made in Development). In my work, the idea of a womb speaks to my own specific nurturing environment where I am giving myself room for growth. The "rebirth", or my own self-discovery and self-nurturing, is a continuous learning experience??? an out-of-body observation of how I am changing and healing. The perpetually important aspect of all of this, is that I am selfishly kind in my practice. Whatever I produce is made in a way that is growing in consciousness with my needs.

All images and text copyright Hernease Davis