Barbara Cahn
Medium: Ceramics/Pottery

Studio Location:
232 3rd St., corner of 3rd Ave.
Studio # A110

Phone: 6464981593



Artist Bio:
I grew up in New York City, studied glass and ceramics at the University of Wisconsin, and received a Masters degree in Art from New York University. I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, where I taught at the national crafts school in Valle de Angeles and organized crafts cooperatives in remote areas of the country. Since 1983, I have maintained a studio in New York City, currently at the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus.

Artist Statement:
I'm fascinated by the way clay can mimic other materials, like metal, glass and fabric. My work is about the challenge of capturing the fluidity of wet clay in the finished piece by combining traditional techniques with a spirit of innovation.
I'm fascinated by patterns, both in the natural world and geometrics. These pieces use simple cutouts of repetitive shapes to create geometric patterns. Within a series, each piece is different, because they are made by hand.

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