Caitlin Miller
Medium: Sculpture and Installation

Studio Location:
168 7th Street (2nd Floor)
Studio # 2F (West A)

Phone: 9176265572


Artist Bio:
From the communes Caitlin Miller lived on as a young child to the deep Vermont woods where her small family escaped a more mainstream life to live off the land, this lay the beginning of a rich collection of experiences and stories to tell. Building a series of increasingly habitable and sturdy cabins, they lived for over ten years with no electricity or running water, using kerosene lamps, a stream as a refrigerator, and were endlessly collecting, stacking, and burning wood for warmth and cooking.

It wasn't until taking a class called Art and Politics and leaning about the Mexican Muralists and Picasso's Guernica that the importance and impact of art as a powerful tool for social action, emotional connection and provocation of thought became evident. In London, after taking a class at St. Martins School of Art in Experimental Sculpture, she committed herself to creating work with a specific and and distinct language.

After receiving a BA, Honors in Sculpture at the Chelsea College of Art in London she then received a full scholarship in 2000 to attend the MA program at the Chelsea College of Art . During these years of schooling she was mentored by artists such as Gavin Turk, Cornelia Parker, Rose Finn-Kelsey, Neal Cummings, Martin Creed, and the late Darrell Viner and developed many technical skills such as welding, basic casting, woodworking, electronics, motors, sound technology; all vital in realizing her made-up creatures and installations.

When Caitlin moved back to NYC, she continued to keep a studio and exhibit artwork but worked primarily for many years as The Art Newspaper's Commercial Director. She currently works as an artist in Gowanus raising her 3 year old with her wife Vicky and dog Maui.

Artist Statement:
My work with transparency and light represents the changes in my desires, aesthetic and conceptualization of the immaterial world. Cultural understandings of home and space, large and small inform my work. In an expanse of high technology and opaque politics, I wish to reveal new images through specific layering of similar images. The use of photography is important as it brings a very relevant current technology into handmade ageless constructions. Printing of these images onto transparencies gives me a new material to understand memory and subconscious be it from a walk in the park to my memories of living in the woods. Color is specific and meaningful. The body is always represented, even if it's not visible. All the pieces go through multiple processes and become about that process and illustrate the passing of time. Often in my work I have used household objects as part of the piece be it a TV, keyboard, desk leg or a doll. Now, the work emerges as an actual household object. Serving a purpose without really being useful.

All images and text copyright Caitlin Miller