Jaena Kwon
Medium: Painting and Sculpture

Studio Location:
75 19th st 3fl, Brooklyn
Studio # 3fl

Email: kwon.jna@gmail.com

Website:: https://www.instagram.com/jaena_kwon_art/

Artist Bio:
Jaena Kwon was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Her work is concerned with painting components and how painting space is constructed. She treats painting as an image objectified or an image embedded in physical material. In her practice, folding and sanding is a way of expanding surface and support structure, the logic of dimensions, and psychological affects from the mixture of shape, color, and texture. She uses wood, medium density fiberboard, gesso, acrylic, and pigments. Her wooden shape achieves fluid and tactile qualities through carving and sanding process and matte finish elevates detail-oriented surface treatment. Her work has been exhibited in numerous venues in the US and South Korea.

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