Mathilde van Nuffel d'Heynsbroeck
Medium: Painting and Photography

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # 26



Artist Bio:
Mathilde van Nuffel d'Heynsbroeck (b. 1994, Brussels) obtained her BFA in photography at La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium and her MFA in fine arts at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, USA. She has exhibited photography, painting and ceramics in group shows in Belgium and the US, including; PLAIES/PAUSE, Brussels, Belgium; THE WATERING HOLE, Brooklyn, USA; F1: OUT INSIDE, Brooklyn, USA; she will present her first solo show in November '19 in Rochester, USA. Van Nuffel has received two fellowships from Made in NYC and a merit-based scholarship through Pratt Institute.

Upcoming exhibition

- November 2019: Solo exhibition at UUU Art Collective Gallery, Rochester

- November 2019: Curating group exhibition "NEW IMAGES" at Pratt Institute

Past exhibitions


- April 2019: Solo thesis exhibition "SCROLL DOWN" at Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

- February 2019: Group exhibition "F1: OUT/INSIDE" at Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

- November 2018: Group exhibition "THE WATERING HOLE" at Pfizer Building, Brooklyn

- June 2017: Group exhibition "IMMOBILE" at LaVallee, Brussels

- June 2016: Group exhibition "MIRAGES" at 186 Avenue Louise, Brussels

- April 2016: Group exhibition "PLAIES/PAUSE" for SLAJ-V at Le Botanique, Brussels

- Octobre 2015: Workshop "EREWHON" mixing, sculpture, urban design, and photography at 22 Quai de Willebroek, Brussels, with and for the migrants arrived during Summer 2015

Artist Statement:
In her paintings, van Nuffel uses a bold color palette and a loose painting style to create a playful and ironic treatment of her subject matter. The paintings incorporate elliptical texts, producing an ambiguous and intimate dialogue which complicates the reading, offering the tools to the viewer to transcend the content.

The paintings reference her personal experience and web of relationships. Using a diaristic aesthetic, van Nuffel observes and translates the details that are often dismissed or largely accepted, to re-contextualize them and suggest a new awareness. In her body of work, painting is used as a tool to enhance the difference between what is experienced and what the mind reenacts.

All images and text copyright Mathilde van Nuffel d'Heynsbroeck