Danie Herard
Medium: Painting and Mixed Media

Studio Location:
540 President Street (Spaceworks Basement)
Studio # 17

Email: danieherard@gmail.com

Website:: danieherard.com

Artist Bio:
Danie Herard is a Visual Artist and entrepreneur of Caribbean heritage from Brooklyn New York; a painter, illustrator and the founder of Sensibility Designs. Her work emerges as a spiritual movement of shapes lines and space. She shares her work as a means to inspire people to create an environment of positivity, healing and fun. By using practical and functional mediums for everyday use, Danie transforms and elevates personal and public spaces. Danie is also an experienced lighting designer who has leant her talents to many theatrical projects. Her artistry has taken on many forms over the years and continues to evolve.

"Radical positivity" is not only Danie's motto but her refrain. Much of what is expressed through her art is sourced from her strong desire to combat and neutralize the negativity that seems endemic.

Danie's natural inclination for painting may have been inherited from her grandmother, who was a painter. It was at the tender ago of nine that Danie received her first sketch pad, which her father gifted her with the intention of keeping her occupied while she nursed a broken leg. It turned out to be the perfect distraction for nine year old Danie, who used her recovery from the car accident that had caused her broken leg, to hone in on her God-given talent. Over the years it became clear to Danie and soon to anyone that new her that she is in fact an Artist. As an artist Danie incorporates her strong sense of spirituality, the esoteric, her connection to indigenous culture and her love for sci-fi. Danie's hope is that her body of work allows for introspection and meditation by the viewer and it ignites "Radical Positivity".

All images and text copyright Danie Herard