Samuel Staffan
Medium: Painting and Mixed Media

Studio Location:
62 18th Street
Studio # Floor 2, Studio #16

Phone: 2318180144



Artist Bio:
Brooklyn based artist exploring our relationship to the natural world, the passing of time and the fragility of memory. Using a range of techniques from a self-developed method of layering and tearing rice paper as a way of "adding some time" onto the paintings to working on Japanese papers while they are completely saturated with water, materiality and texture play a huge role in the work. Using these layered and weathered surfaces the paintings become a pursuit to examine the most extreme fringes of human's relationship to time, trying to find the eternal, the transient and the infinite in nature. The hazy, half-remembered depictions of the natural world evoke a melancholic spirit but still manage to remain optimistic and hopeful.

All images and text copyright Samuel Staffan