Valerie Gladstone
Medium: Sculpture and Painting

Studio Location:
540 President Street (Spaceworks Basement)
Studio # 21

Phone: 9177169460



Artist Bio:
International Center of Photography, Brooklyn College,

Artist Statement:
I have been trained and educated in painting, costume design, wig and makeup design, needlecraft, ceramics and photography, and I love them all. I needed an outlet where I could explore all the crafts I love to do. Art dolls are where I can apply all of my varied interest in one item. Working in the theatre for so many years, I enjoy telling stories; each doll, even if they are part of a series, has to speak on its own.
For me, the creative process begins with inspiration. The inspiration can come from a historical fact, a piece of fabric, or the need to try a new technique. Then I discovered the world of art dolls and polymer clay. When I work with dolls, I am reminded that they are all self-portraits. It is my view of the world that I am portraying.
My current New York series comes from my love of home. The Statue of Liberty, Rose center, Coney Island and Metropolitan museum of art. My philosophy is simple, do the best you can do. Don't try to imitate but find the artist within you. You have to be satisfied with your work whether anyone gets it or not.

All images and text copyright Valerie Gladstone