Melissa Chalker
Medium: Painting

Studio Location:
540 President Street, Basement, Art Cluster
Studio # Brooklyn Art Cluster

Phone: 310 890 8297


Artist Bio:
Melissa Chalker was born in Sydney Australia,1988. She graduated from The University of Sydney (Sydney College of the Arts) with a Master of Fine Art in 2018 and received her BA Hons in Fine Arts from the National Art School in 2010. Melissa has previously shown at FirstDraft, The Hole NYC, Sydney Non-Objective, Melbourne University, The Is Not Art (TINA), Articulate Projects, SCA DedSpace, Campbell Street Projects, Lilac City, Jerico Contempory and Grace Cossington Smith Gallery. Melissa currently lives and works in Brooklyn New York.

She lived and worked in New York City from 2012-2015 where she was inspired whilst being surrounded by concrete in New York, and influenced by all she saw around her from the neon signs to objects processed and manufactured through technology that alter the viewing of it. These materials created infinite possibilities and that are abstractly tangible, and affected and inspired the visual elements of her work at MUD NYC. She now resides in Sydney where she has continued to bring her experience of living in New York into physical materiality through her practice.

Melissa uses a minimalist vocabulary to create both two and three-dimensional work. Of her creative process, there is an element of building and problem solving whether that be aspects of geometric balance or color.

Her practice situates it itself within the paradigm of minimalism, geometric abstraction, and reductionism. There is a strong interest in the materiality of objects and this is displayed through an interplay of reflective and matte surfaces, as canvas' are redefined as art objects, inviting the viewer to consider their sculptural qualities.

Blurring the line between sculptural relief and hard-edge abstraction her practice has a reliance upon a precise square or grid-like formatting inferring a link to modernist traditions. Her art non-objective practice is playful, as she tails an atypical approach allowing for the creation of contemporary non-objective art.

Artist Statement:
My practice is situated within the well- known and establish field of minimalism and geometric abstraction, both of which are characteristics of Non-objective art. My work explores abstract form, materiality, and perception of color.

The combined technical aspects of art-making; paint and canvas, composition, and color, texture and shape contribute to a non-linear aesthetic practice that presents ideas both within the field of Non-objective art and potentially to the fields with which Non-objective art is related.

In recent months, my work has demonstrated a departure from earlier series that primarily focused on reductive geometric painting and color theory. However, still adhering to a set of formalists tasks, the work aims to add new qualities to non-objective art. The most current works consist of large-scale paintings where the canvas is replaced with transparent acrylic. Although the most recent works introduce a more dynamic approach, they still remain grounded in the field of hard-edge geometry (flatness, reduction, repetition, etc.). To make the work I use two approaches: one in which I carry out subtle shifts in color and the other that consists of a predetermined plan, systems, and parameters- almost problem solving that acknowledges contemporary concerns that are planted in this field historically.

While in the past I have been heavily influenced by color theory, I have now introduced an emphasis on exposing materials- the skeletal structures and components that build a traditional painting in relation to sculpture.

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