Robert DiScalfani
Medium: Photography

Studio Location:
235 Bond Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Studio # 2nd FLR

Phone: 917.664.5427


Artist Bio:
Robert has always found New York City to be his greatest source of inspiration. The stranger's face deep in thought on a subway, a child's gaze through a window like the single frame of a movie. These are the moments of stark beauty he captures in his work, that solitary moment when light and shadow transform the everyday into something extraordinary.

Robert lives and creates in Brooklyn, New York
Debra McCord - A lifelong friend

Artist Statement:
Since the age of 13, photography has been my only true form of creative expression. For me, it has been a relationship of love, passion and endless discovery. As I have learned with all types of relationships, if you don't fail them, they probably won't fail you. I'll only assume that this is especially true with one's art and I've tried my best, never to fail mine.

When I look at my images from years ago, they seem to only grow in significance to me, hopefully leading me to my next discovery. It's so wonderful to be brought back to a place in time, when you can still feel exactly what you experienced at that very moment, so very long ago.The sense of light, the smell in the air, the excitement of all the shapes and sounds around you, come back together, just one more time.

The camera is truly an amazing friend.

All images and text copyright Robert DiScalfani